Confusing and Concerning: Riot Games actively hired League of Legends players to run League of Legen

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In what has been stapled as the largest gaffe since the all-too-recent Elon Musk outburst on Twitter, reports indicate that Riot Games hired League of Legends players to manage League of Legends.

Business executives across sectors have described the move as “baffling” and “awful in concept.” Yet it seems Riot Games broke convention and actively sought out ‘gamers,’ those with ‘diamond or above’ elo. The result? Disrespect, sexism, and toxicity on an unprecedented level. Former Rioters claim if you put webcams in Riot’s meeting rooms, it would be exactly like watching IWD’s stream.

“It’s just strange,” one expert told reporters. “Why would they pull employees from a game that is under investigation by the FBI and several gaming commissions on toxicity?” Allegedly, Riot put their faith in League’s automated system to help weed out poor fits. On this, this expert asked: “what the fuck were they thinking?”

According to a Harvard study, League of Legends players spend 30% of their time finding new ways to express their self-loathing without getting banned, 20% making comments that fail to properly ascertain a problem’s depth, 20% politicizing the buffing and nerfing of their one trick, 10% getting exposed on reddit, 10% linking their Twitch stream on random discords, and 10% kicking themselves over not having the idea to make Yandere Simulator first. How any professional company thought, “here’s my hiring pool” is alarming in the very nature of the sentiment.

Nonetheless, things must move forward. In the name of bettering their company, Riot Games will be removing all League of Legends players from the roster, and replacing them with non-gamers (people who play RPGs or Angry Birds or whatever chicks do nowadays). The only part of the company not impacted will be the balance team.

An air of uncertain hope for change looms over online communities everywhere. Will Riot enact change? Or will they be like their employees and get stuck in diamond V?


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