Mark my words, SEASON 9 will be the best season we ever had

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Season 8 was one of, if not, the worst season in League. The whole season felt like a preseason, a lot of changes , marksman players losing their role for a month+,jungle changes,TOO MUCH DAMAGE,zoe.

But after a lot of videos of League getting less fun, more unbalanced,too much changes for casual players etc. we are slowly going on the right road.

Why will season 9 probably be the best season we ever had?

-Ranked is getting reworked. A whole new experience,which will make the game definitely more fun and intresting

-New permanent game mode. After the removal of Dominion we were left with ARAM and TT as the "side" game modes, but since nowdays it's popular to jump into a short game where you turn off you brain and just kill each other, which is fun,yeah we have ARAM for that but Nexus Blitz is new , it has events,its fast and most improtantly it's FUN!(and you can pick a champion you want)

-Rune balance. Riot just released they are going to let you change which stats you want from runes, which is great it brings even more options and it reminds us to the old Runes system .

-They are bringing marksman back on botlane. Yes adc mains dw you are getting your lane back

-Riot wants to bring the old LONG hard games. With this and rune changes we will have time to teamfight, to think what are you gonna do since we will have less damage, and nothing feels better than a FAIR game winning teamfight in a 40 min game.

-Clash will MOST LIKELY be released in season 9 and it will be a permament game mode as well(like every weekend)

Mark my words kids SEASON NINE will bring us joy,new players and overal more success to over beloved League of Legends!

EDIT : We have to belive that Riot will do something really good, people in the comments saying that I ma "Riot fan boy", yeah I love Riot they made the game that i spend my time on and I enjoy it,sure they made mistakes buth hell they did make a lot off good things as well. I truly belive that Season 2019 will be a successful year with a lot of fresh air for the game and more new players and old ones coming back!

BUT! Until we are deep in the season 2019 lets all get those "!remind me 1 year" to later laugh at me for being positive and truly believing Riot can do it ;)

Thanks everyone for reading have a nice day

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