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Hi everyone, I had a suggestion for Riot that I wanted to share here for your feedback and thoughts.

Admittedly, I’m an old WoW player and I continue to have my ebbs and flows with the game. One small feature that WoW has for their players is an in-game calendar which I believe could translate fantastically into LoL (especially wth the direction that the game is headed):

An in-game client calendar would provide a lot of organization and an additional layer to the social aspect of the game. Ideas so far include...

-Filters to show your favorite professional team(s) games with correct time zones and notifications for when they’re playing

-The ability to create your own “events” (great for planning Flex/Clash games, custom matches, or Streamer + audience games, etc.)

-Holidays & themed events

-Dates that show the rotating game modes

-Expected patch launch dates & skin releases

-Skin sales

I think this would be a lot of fun and I’d certainly use it with my friends to make sure we all logon at the same time for a flex game. I certainly think with the way Clash can end up, a calendar would be very beneficial. Let me know your thoughts! Do you have any other ideas that could go along with it?

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