As an Ezreal player I wish Kleptomancy was removed from the game.

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This isn’t about winrate or viability and if anything I prefer his winrate to be on the lower side so I can actually play him. I’m tired of being forced to go Klepto every game because if I go another keystone it won’t have the same impact that Klepto has because Ezreal is literally balanced around it. Riot has nerfed Ezreal’s early damage so much that I can’t even play aggressive like I use to. Since Klepto is in the game the logic is why should Ezreal have decent damage early just to be able to get generate gold to have a strong Mid game as well. In previous seasons though, I had an option. I could choose to go tear and ff my early game and try to have a good mid/mid-late game, or I can rush a Triforce and skip the test build overall and try to have a very strong early and mid game. I’m only allowed to have one play style with Klepto being in the game. Even last season, Ezreal was seen being able to go SR Surge for jungle, Warlords, Thunderlords, Fervor and they were all viable at one point in SoloQ and Competitive. He’s also one of the handful of champions that even use the Keystone so it’s only really shackling him and the others.

TLDR - Ezreal has less diversity in runes and play styles because of a Rune that is part of a system that was suppose to bring more diversity and options to champions. He’s balanced around it and is a slave to it and many other champions suffer the same problem.

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