KZ's top sub Rascal has been excluded indefinitely from the team roster

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In a post on the official KingZone DragonX Facebook page, it has been announced that Kim Kwang-Hee, i.e. Rascal, has been indefinitely excluded from the team roster due to his inappropriate online activities prior to joining the team. Here's a paraphrased translation of the Facebook post:

Internal disciplinary notice for Kingzone DragonX Kim Kwang-Hee.

Over the past 3 days the team has examined in detail regarding the player's inappropriate actions prior to joining the team via interviews with other players, relevant witness claims and other evidence. Consequently, we've decided to take internal disciplinary action against the player in question. In the future, we will improve our player selection process to ensure this situation does not happen again and clarify and apply our guidelines regarding player discipline. Once again, we are deeply sorry for all the fans who have been disappointed by the past inappropriate actions of Kim Kwang-hee.

< Disciplinary Action Summary>

  1. Subject in question: Kim Kwang-Hee (Rascal)

  2. Disciplinary Decision

A. Indefinite exclusion from participating in future matches (Effective as of 10:00pm, 9th of March, 2018.)

B. During the period of exclusion, the player is excluded from the team roster.

C. Community service as dictated by team instructions and re-education.

< Plans for process improvement >

  1. Ensure there is a sufficient period of time in the recruitment process to investigate the prior online history of incoming players.

  2. Prior to confirming player selection, the potential player recruit is publicly announced via social media.

March 9, 2018

KingZone DragonX Korean Representative

Seo Hyung-Suk

[End facebook post.]


Original Facebook post (It's Korean, obviously.): https://www.facebook.com/IMteam/posts/1670792533003557

Direct relevant context: http://korizon.net/afreeca-aiming-kingzone-rascal-controversy-suicide-related-game-chats/

Also here's a very important read in my opinion which details the severity of what Rascal did and what he was involved in:


Please read it. There's a few replies down there which are misinterpreting the context. Just bear in mind it's a blog post, not an objective article; albeit a rather informative one. (Thanks, /u/BamaFlava)

Essentially there are some words online in Korea which you should never, NEVER use lest you be immediately outed as a member of the website outlined in the above blog post. Rascal actively used these keywords as Summoner Names repeatedly throughout his past League career, with full knowledge what they were referring to and that they link to this website.

Being outed as being a member of this website in real life essentially sentences you to social isolation for life. Though it's detailed in the blog post a bit more articulately I can't emphasise enough that if you want to have a functional social life (and hell, let's go as far to say if you want to have a functional career, even) you don't want to be linked to this website.

Prior reddit post regarding this issue:


On a personal note I'm very glad a punishment of this severity was given to the player considering the context. It's not even just 'joking about suicide' level of severity, considering we're talking about a League of Legends professional gamer. Surely the player's solo queue names are kinda important right?

From my perspective what Rascal did (regardless of when he did it) he practically took the sign outside his house off and replaced it with a giant neon sign which says "DED PRESIDENT LUL" for everyone on the street to see- in this case the whole damn worldwide League community to see considering it's forever historically preserved online via solo queue game archives like op.gg.

Also since a few people are seeming to miss it here's my translation of the offending summoner name in question:

Okay let me try to translate it for you as literally as possible:

노무터진두부현 = Noh Moo "splattered tofu" Hyun.

The president's name is quite evidently there, but the splattered tofu makes reference to the way he committed suicide, which was to jump off a cliff. I'm also guessing you know what tofu is, which is bean curd.

Edit: As mentioned by /u/Junhona, "두부" can also translate to "Head". Self-explanatory.

The severity of the insult may be lost in translation but surely I don't have to tell you regarding how offensive it is. And, mind you, this was his Summoner Name.

edited for better translation

tl;dr Rascal made his summoner name (2 years ago) a terrible insult regarding the suicide of respected former KR President, got exiled from roster now after it was dug up by the KR League community.

So for the more important question: Who replaces Khan if he hyperventilates again?

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