EULCS could still end in a 10 way tie for first.

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EDIT: Nope. its officially boom. S04 can't win the 4 games they require without beating H2K preventing them from getting their 5 wins. Thanks UOL. The best we can get is some sort of weird multi team joint 1st and 2nd.

I was convinced there was still a way of doing it, but sadly it isn't. It has been emotional.

Edit: This is pretty much null and void now. H2K, GIA and VIT need to win to still have a slither of chance. If giants lose then the slither is even tinier.

Let's remember though. It is all down to H2K actually winning their next 5 games, and FNC losing their next 5, and G2 beating VIT on the last day.

Original workings out:

The odds of this happening are astronomical and probably won't happen. I spent this morning working out exactly who needs to win and when to make this happen, listed are the teams who win each week to end the split 9-9 for each team:

3rd March|ROC|S04|H2K|VIT|GIA 9th March|UOL|S04|MSF|H2K|ROC 10th March|GIA|H2K|ROC|UOL|S04 16th March|SPY|H2K|MSF|UOL|GIA 17th March|SPY|H2K|UOL|G2|S04

So right now, I'm kinda cheering for the 10 way tie. For science.

I took a quick peek at work, and as long as FNC don't win, and H2K do win, it is still possible. I will have to redo the table later and see.

edit: I think I may work out something similar for NALCS also. Obviously it will be 8 teams join 2nd. They cant have the 10 teams joint first because Echo Fox currently sit on 10 wins.

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