Challenger Top Adrian Riven talks about Bone Plating/Tabi making ranged Top Laners OP

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Quick rundown:

Poke/Ranged Champions Top lane have been pretty much the meta since the new runes, for example: Camille/Gangplank/Vladamir/Sion/Gnar.

But now that Boneplate has been introduced, these poke/ranged champions have even less counterplay than they had before. Why? Because if you ever do manage to actually get on top of them they can just reduce all of your damage with bone plating. Ranged champions rushing ninja tabi vs Melee's was already a problem the last year or so, and now we have to deal with bone plating on top of that.

It's actually a joke at this point. Top lane was already extremely unfun when playing against the poke/ranged champions 24/7. Now that they have barely any counterplay left, what is even the point playing against them.


  • Top lane is a poke/ranged champion meta because for some reason Riot refuse to nerf the poke/ranged champions.
  • What is poke weak to? All in's.
  • Boneplate literally prevents All in's
  • If you now try to all in a ranged/poke champion then good luck you'll be losing all your damage to bone plating.
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