The ticket system for the NA LCS finals did not work at all.

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For this NA LCS finals, Riot set up a lottery system where registered fans would be picked at random to receive link/codes to buy tickets for the finals. I was chosen to receive a link to buy tickets from Riot. They said tickets would be available at 10am ET. They also listed instructions on how to buy tickets. At 10am on the dot I opened the link, only to be sent to livenation.com homepage (the website riot was using to sell these tickets). I tried opening the link multiple times assuming that there was just a delay for the link to start working. This turned out to be wrong. I had no way of getting to the actual event itself through livenation. I decided to scrap that idea after trying it for 15 minutes. I went to ticketmaster's site itself and was able to find the venue there. Nowhere did Riot mention we had to do this. I must remind you, they gave us step by step instructions on how to purchase our tickets. By the time I made it to the place you purchase tickets, they were already sold out. As I am typing this, the link finally started working. 30 minutes after the said time. Still, all the seats are sold out. I followed all the instructions that Riot gave me and yet I was unable to get any tickets. I can understand if I were to have just been unlucky and everyone else beat me to the tickets first, since it was first come first served. However, this falls completely on Riot. I feel cheated.

Update: /u/RiotIceChest,"if you received a Verified Fan link and were unable to get tickets, please send an email over to [email protected]. Please include the subject line as "Spring Finals Verified Fan Link.""

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