JAG Teddy Breaks the record for CS in a professional game

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Teddy has just gone past Zven for the highest ever CS in a professional game with 950 and counting, topping the previous record or 946.

Edit: HE HAS REACHED 1000 CS FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN A PROFESSIONAL GAME! At around 15 cspm as well which is crazy.

Edit 2: He is up to 1374, 400+ CS more than the previous record. Bang has the 5th highest CS of all time with 883, despite being almost 500 behind his lane opponent.

Edit 3: Finished the game with 1465 CS at 15.5 CS per minute, 519 CS more than the previous record. It was also the longest game in professional league history at 94:40. Bang ends up also breaking Zven's previous record for CS. For those interested, gathering storm would've provided 360 AP or 216 AD by the end of the game.

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