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Hey guys PowerofCash here. Since I already was a PR disaster those last weeks I decided to go one step further and shoot myself in the foot by trying to justify things on Reddit. I'm sure everyone in this world already saw atleast 1 of the bazillion threads calling me a liar and flaming me for my decision to go to NA. Here is my take on everything that happened those last weeks and why I feel like this gets blown WAY out of proportion. Please read carefully before you voice your opinion in the comment section. Thank you!


Shoutout to everyone who still supports me and thanks for any kind messages over Twitter or any other social media platform. Means the world to me and shows me who my real friends are <3 Sadly also shows that there are colleagues who stab your back for a few internet points the second there is some controversy around you. You lost all my respect.


DISCLAIMER: I can't justify everything that happened and I get why some of you are upset. Especially the interview that hit the frontpage recently (https://www.invenglobal.com/articles/3662/powerofevil-i-really-want-to-go-to-worlds-again) was really out of place and I could have done a way better job at explaining what my motives are.


1) My All-Star campaign

  • The community always complains about the lack of content in the EU LCS. All-Stars was an opportunity for me to step it up a bit in a fun way without (atleast what I thought) hurting anybody or having to sacrifice practice time. Everyone was eager to use everything against me once rumors about me leaving EU started to appear. It's a fan vote and Carlos/G2/Weldon tried to promote Perkz just as much. Nothing wrong with that in my eyes.

  • When my campaign started I wasn't even a free agent yet. I knew that NA could become an option in the future (as stated in the comment under Weldons Reddit thread) but nothing was even remotely set in stone at the time.

  • "OMG you are going to NA next year, how can you represent EU" The vote was about THIS YEAR'S PERFORMANCE, nothing else. It wasn't about 2016 or 2018, it was about 2017. This voting was for *your FAVOURITE player of the year*. I won and I am stoked to represent EU one last time before starting a new chapter.

  • I'm not allowed to disclose the numbers but trust me, it wasn't a close race (not trying to talk smack here. There are multiple reasons as to why I won)



  • check the contract database when someone tries to tell you that he bleeds EU blood

  • most players who prided themselves with that statement probably didn't even receive an offer in the first place

  • EU > NA? I love Europe and I especially love my German community but who cares about the EU vs NA rivalry as long as Korea keeps smacking our asses. (yeah I know that people should care about the rivalry because it makes matches more exciting. Just talking about the overall competitiveness compares to other regions)


3) Flaming rosters or talking about how bad players are a.k.a. "THE REDDIT SPECIAL"

  • "On paper"? Evaluating a team/roster just by their individual players past performances is totally possible but a lot of the times it turns out to be massively wrong. I.E.: Elements/UOL/Misfits.

  • Most of the time you are better off not having a team consisting of 5 superstars. Origen is the prime example. Everyone in this team was extremely talented but we failed to play and act as a team, a unit. No trust, no sacrifice. That's what makes and breaks a team in my opinion. We had too many conflicts because we didn't mesh well as personalities and ended up splitting. 1 year later: Soaz goes to Worlds with Fnatic. Mithy and Zven go to Worlds with G2. I end up at Worlds with Misfits. Random? Luck? I dont think so.

  • "Misfits?" If you take a few steps back (2-3 months): Everybody told us that we would lose against UOL before we headed into the series. We won fewer than 50% of our games during the regular split. We lost multiple games vs UOL during the regular season. Did we end up beating them? Yes, because even though we were not a super team with stars and insane players like Rekkles/Jankos/Odoamne/Febiven/Perkz (to name a few), we had the amibition to improve and prove people wrong. We had a good coaching staff and players who could openly talk about each others mistake. We ended up challenging SKT to 5 games.

  • "Misfits is going to be 100% Worlds next year" I'm not a prophet, neither are you. Ignar left the team, a lot of rosters changed. We had a good run at Worlds but that doesn't mean that it would have been only uphill from now. Not trying to bash Misfits. Im grateful for everything the team did for me (especially my Origen-year) and truly hope that they will succeed in the future but this is my life and I won't gamble just because we had a good run at Worlds.

  • Not convinced yet? Lets take a look at UOL then. EVERY YEAR and I mean literally EVERY YEAR this team takes a bunch of new players which you never heard of and which the parts of the community deem as "not good enough". And then suddenly grab one of the top spots in the league because they worked and improved as a team. You can only be as good as your team allows you to be. Past performances don't mean shit to me after my year in Origen. Some players get dicked and take bad matchups in order for another laner to win. And then they get trashed while the one guy they enabled gets the praise (prime example: Soaz). That's how a team works and that's why those players are invaluable.


4) My decision

  • OBVIOUSLY money and stability are important to me and factors I would never ignore but that doesn't mean that a good roster isn't important to me aswell. If I don't believe in a team, I won't join the team. I had different options with higher salary options, which makes all this "Po€" or "Pow€r Of ¢A$H" even more hilarious (makes for a good twitch emote though). Additionally I knew that Ignar was about to go back to his country and play in the LCK. He was a good friend, an even better player and influenced my decision more than you'd think.


5) Sorry Deficio


Have a great week and see you on Thursday (All-Star 2017 - if you don't cheer for me, atleast cheer for Team Europe)


Will answer a few comments if you have questions regarding the points above


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