Vasilii's girlfriend said "he didn't actually beat me"

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Translated from his girlfriend's Weibo:

谢谢大家的关心!我今天手机开机以后看到这些消息我很害怕很慌不知道该怎么解决这个事情了 我没有想到事情会这么严重!昨天的事情经过就是大家看到的视频里那样的!他情绪很激动的砸东西 砸了身边所有能砸的东西 还说了一些不好的话!我很害怕 并没有想到他会突然这样!他没有跟我动手 就像视频里的那样 我怕他会对我做一些不好的事情 用微信给朋友发了消息报警!想保护自己 当时只想赶快离开这个地方 我很的很害怕 我不明白为什么会这样!警察来了他还在直播并且责怪我!我当时即生气又难过 只想让警察叔叔把他抓走 就说了视频里警察来了之后的那些话!在他穿好衣服的时候我就想离开这个人就算了没必要这样就让警察叔叔走了 我并没有做错什么在他心情不好的时候看到别的主播直播间有人在骂他觉得他负面消息多不能这样做就用半哄的语气告诉他“这样影响不好 不用理他屏蔽就好了 跟他对喷让其他人看起来很二 没有必要!”他直播发脾气并非我所愿!每个人都要为自己做的事情承担后果!他当时的吼叫声跟砸东西的举动把我吓坏了!我当时真的很害怕很绝望!我不想跟他以后有瓜葛也不想再发关于他的任何事情!他的举动造成了这样的后果并非我所愿!但是作为当事人 在我看了这些消息还有他的处分以后我觉得有必要具体说明一下事情的经过!即使我们已经不在一起了!也不希望他是这个结果!希望他好好的!好好打游戏好好直播 不要乱花钱!他的成长环境导致他性格有问题!但人性还在没有跟女人动手!对不起!真的对不起大家!我不知道我说这些会不会有人骂我!本来是我们俩个人的私事!没有想到当时摄像头还在运作 给大家带来这么不好的影响 真的非常抱歉!我很感动大家对我的关心!再次抱歉!真的真的很对不起!

Only translating the important sentences: "He (Vasilii) smashed everything around the room and yelled at me, but he didn't actually hit me. I messaged a friend so he/she called the police. I justed wanted to leave the room as soon as possible, so I said those things to the police and those got recorded on the video (I didn't see the videos after police arrived, but comments were saying she said he hit her with a chair? will update on this once I see more). I was so scared at that time I just didn't want to have anything to do with him. However, I thought I should clarify something after seeing his suspension. We are not together anymore, but I still hope he's well. He's childhood gave him some emotion problems, but he still maintained his humanity and he didn't hit me. Sorry, I am very sorry."

tl;dr by one of the comments under her Weibo

划重点:1.他没打我 2.说他没打我不是替他洗白 已经没必要替他洗白 因为准备分手 3.谢谢大家关心她 对不起大家 带来这么大的影响

1) He didn't hit me.

2) I am not just saying this to defend him, we broke up, I don't need to defend him anymore.

3) Thanks for everyone's support, sorry this incidence had such impact.

Edit: I am only translating her post. At this point, I (and most of people) have no idea what the truth is. She could be just defending him, she could be scared of the consequences. But I do think either way, Vasilii needs some mental therapy.

Edit 2: A better translation of the paragraph here: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/794hci/vasiliis_girlfriend_said_he_didnt_actually_beat_me/doziinw/

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