Vasilli got taken in by the police for beating his girlfriend.

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Link to Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/Marco_YS35/status/923570859058520064

For those to lazy to click and read, Vasilli was streaming and got angry when he played badly. His girlfriend told him to not get mad while streaming, and he flipped his shit. The girlfriend then called the police and he was taken away by them while the stream was still ongoing.

Edit: YouTube link to the incident. Turn down your headphones. It gets quite bad.


Edit 2: /u/jxth005622 provided a link to a video which contains what his girlfriend was saying before he started beating her.


Edit 3: Translations of what's going on in the videos.



Edit 4: Vasilli's girlfriend posted on Weibo stating that he did not hit her, but only threw a big tantrum.



At this point, I am uncertain as to what is the truth.

The video has her saying "You beat me for this?" and Vasilli was definitely destroying things in the stream. There is the possibility that her current actions are part of the cycle of abuse. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cycle_of_abuse / https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disengaging_from_an_abuser_using_the_no_contact_rule_or_grey_rock_method#Hoovering)

I would also like to point out that even if she did lie about Vasilli hitting her, he did verbally abuse her and threw/broke things, which is also a form of violence. Abuse is not strictly restricted to hitting someone.

Anyways. There are multiple ways as to how this situation could go. As of now, Riot has suspended him and is launching an investigation into this. I hope the truth is uncovered soon.

Ongoing Edit:

As this is a thread revolving around domestic violence, it's also a chance to raise awareness of resources that can help survivors/witnesses of domestic violence. Please message me if you would like to share more resources with me. I will add them to this post.

Links to hotlines:



Links to resources to identify domestic violence:





Leaving an abusive relationship:


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