Impact LoL match history


Eon-Yeong Jeong South Korea 0
  • GG elo rating 1,053
  • World rank 97
  • Total earnings US$579,651
  • Win rate 46%
Jung "Impact" ( listen) Eon-yeong (Hangul: 정언영) is a League of Legends esports player, currently top laner for Team Liquid. Career Highlights and Awards World Champion (2013) 4x LCS Champion (2018 Spring, 2018 Summer, 2019 Spring, 2019 Summer) 2x LCK Champion (2013 Summer, 2014 Winter) LCK All-Star (2014) LCS All-Star (2016) 2x LCS All-Pro 1st-Team (2015 Summer, 2019 Summer) 2x LCS All-Pro 2nd-Team (2017 Spring, 2019 Spring) 2x LCS All-Pro 3rd-Team (2016 Summer, 2018 Summer) Famous for trolling HotshotGG using jungle AP Master Yi on NA server when Korean server was not yet released. Received North American residency on November 19, 2018. Only player to have won domestic titles in both LCK and LCS. Considered an excellent tank player and teamfighter.


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