‘League of Legends’ K-pop group K/DA is about setting, not chasing, the trend

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In 2020, there’s no question K-pop is now part of the American mainstream. It’s a different environment than even two years ago, when “League of Legends” virtual group K/DA broke YouTube records and charted on Billboard’s world lists.

Now with real-life groups BTS and Blackpink dominating the charts and defining the ever-evolving K-pop sound, K/DA is back with a new EP designed to showcase each of the new personalities, including new member and virtual star Seraphine.

Seraphine is the new hook for K/DA: a virtual, computer-generated pop idol meant to build a devoted fanbase as big as any real-life star. With Hatsune Mika and Lil Miquela setting the mold for virtual stars, Seraphine is unique in that she’s tied to an already-established brand and the most popular esport in the world.


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