Worlds 2020 format changes: VCS teams out, LCK 3rd seed promoted to Main Event

LoL Invenglobal

Following the ESPN report on the VCS teams unable to participate in the 2020 LoL World championships due to travel restrictions caused by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, it left many wondering how this will impact this year’s Worlds. On the 1st (KST), Riot Games officially announced that they’ve made the difficult decision of proceeding without the VCS representatives this year, alongside other format changes for the tournament.

What this meant was that the number of participating teams have decreased from 24 to 22, and while the VCS representatives will be surely missed this year, they will get their share of the prize pool, as if they have participated in the event.

Changes to the Play-in stages were also announced. As the number of teams dropped from 12 to 10, Riot decided to seed them into two different groups, consisting of five teams each.



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