MAD Lions Orome: From StarCraft II casual to League of Legends pro

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Andrei "Orome" Popa had his roots in competitive games before League of Legends became a worldwide phenomenon. Today, the Romanian Top Laner, plays for MAD Lions, splitting his time between the current number one team in the League of Legends European Championship, and its regional league team, MAD Lions Madrid, in the SuperLiga Orange.

The moment leading to his career in the League of Legends scene would not come without the first interest for Blizzard Entertainment’s RTS StarCraft II. He had built a network of high Elo players, who pushed him to Master, the second-highest rank in the game. Eventually, they introduced him to the Riot Games MOBA, and he was immediately hooked.

 “I enjoyed the game a lot more than SC2, to be honest, and so I started spamming it — actually spamming it, ten hours a day”, recalls the Top Laner.


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