Volibear rework details and ARAM event revealed for League of Legends

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On Friday night, Riot Games revealed details of the upcoming Volibear rework for League of Legends through a global live stream event. The thunderous demigod’s abilities along with his appearance make the brand new Volibear tankier than ever. Think of a bigger, scarier version of Tibbers. Details of an ARAM event were mentioned as well.

Following some technical difficulties that initially knocked the stream offline, viewers jumped into a cinematic, snowy scene depicting large, shadowy figures of Ornn, Anivia, and Volibear in the skies. After about 10 minutes of waiting, Riot finally teased some in-game fights showcasing Volibear’s new abilities and skins.

In a Reddit post, Volibear champion designer Nathan Lutz showed his excitement by teasing some details on the upcoming changes.



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