2 League of Legends players both think they have Ignite but start Teleporting mid-fight instead

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It seems like great minds really do think alike.

One League of Legends player posted a video today of an intense mid-lane fight that took quite an interesting turn. It appears that both laners were unaware of what summoner spell they were running, using Teleport instead of Ignite at the same exact time.

The Sylas player engaged on the opposing Vladimir, sparking a level-three duel between the two laners. Vlad took a tower shot, which dropped him well below 20-percent health. But he was ready to turn the tides with a fully-stacked Bloodthirst bar. Sylas, on the other hand, had a severely injured enemy with nowhere to go.

An Ignite would be enough to turn the fight in either player’s favor—if either player had it, that is.


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