League of Legends players demand Riot fix frustrating minion block

LoL dexerto

League of Legends isn’t a simple game, and mastering all of the little details is often what separates great players from the rest. In order to do so, however, the outcome of any decision has to be largely predictable, and one area in which this currently doesn’t appear to be the case is the ‘minion block’ mechanic.

Minion block can occur when champions try to move through minions. Rather than simply being able to walk through them directly, or having the minions move out of the way, players are forced to carve a path through them or go around them. This can result in their movement being redirected or slowed if there are minions in the way.

The problem is that the degree to which minion block occurs, and the way it will affect the champion trying to pass the minions,


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