League Patch 10.4 PBE update targets "overpowered" Soraka top, Aphelios

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An update pushed to the League of Legends PBE on February 5 has some pretty big changes on the way for Soraka top, Aphelios, and the Phase Rush keystone for Patch 10.4.

Soraka’s days as a solo laner are numbered. After being labelled “overpowered” by senior champion designer August ‘August’ Browning, nerfs are on the way for Soraka top in Patch 10.4.

On top of that, a long-awaited change to Aphelios’ UI is just around the corner, as well as smaller balance changes to under-utilized runes and champions, all of which have been listed in February 5’s PBE update.

Soraka was glossed over in the recently released Patch 10.3, with Riot opting to take some extra time to nail down the right changes.



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