LoL Patch 10.3 to feature more Aphelios nerfs, Sett, Akali changes

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League of Legends Patch 10.3 is on the way, with more Aphelios nerfs expected, changes to Senna, Miss Fortune, Sett, Akali, and a much-needed buff to jungle XP.

After the first week of pro play in most regions, Riot has taken a step back and looked at who’s performing and who’s struggling to curate their changes for Patch 10.3.

Lead gameplay designer Mark ‘Scruffy’ Yetter announced a rough list of champions getting hit by the February 5 patch on January 27, with more specifics to come later in the week.

Aphelios once again headlines the patch rundown, with more nerfs expected for the dominant ADC. While his win rate has dropped below 50% after his Patch 10.2 changes, he has one of the highest pick-and-ban rates in pro play at 85%, trailing behind Akali and Rumble.


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