League of Legends: Top Five Top Laners on Patch 10.2

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Patch 10.2 hit live servers last week and shifted the meta across all lanes. Here are the five strongest top lane champions in League of Legends right now.

Often referred to as “the island”, top lane mains have often found life difficult in League of Legends. Left in the 1v1 as junglers favor the bot lane as a target for ganks, the game doesn’t really start until the 15-minute mark for top laners, and even then it could immediately end as they come face to face with fed enemy champions.

That’s been improving over time with the introduction and improvement of carry top laners who have slowly reclaimed their territory and overthrown the boring, annoying tanks. As a result, carry champions dominate the top lane tier list on Patch 10.2, and are all that can be found in our top five:


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