2020 is a year full of potential, and these are the teams that need to capitalize the most

LoL Invenglobal

2020 has an incredible ring to it, and it coincides with League's 10th Season, another great esports milestone. Not only are there a bunch of new games to be released by Riot and Riot Forge this year, Summoner's Rift itself will be bigger than ever. Worlds is headed back to China, the largest esports market and home of the past two Worlds victors, and you can bet the entire year leading up to that event will be incredible. 

Esports in general is becoming more accepted around the world, and it continues to show strong growth year after year. Teams are finding better ways to advertise, land sponsors, and interact with and grow their fanbase. 2020 will be bigger than 2019, but there are a certain few teams who can really capitalize on it all. 


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