Louis Vuitton Is Now Designing New Skins For League of Legends

LoL theversed

Louis Vuitton, the 165-year-old French fashion house that makes popular (and incredibly expensive) handbags that cost more than anything most people own, has now officially partnered up with gaming giants,  Riot Games to create an “unprecedented, one-of-a-kind” travel case for the Summoner’s Cup, the trophy awarded to the winner of the League of Legends World Championship. Riot said in the announcement that the trunk “will feature both traditional Louis Vuitton savoir-faire along with cutting-edge, high-tech elements inspired by the League of Legends universe.”

Along with nouveau chic champions and real-life clothes, the real world coveted Summoner’s Cup, one of the most acclaimed trophies in esports, will be encased in a Vuitton-


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