[Worlds 2019] The Pantheon/Yuumi problem that Riot needs to fix

LoL Invenglobal

It's no secret that Pantheon is a problem. He has been banned in all but one single Play-In Stage game, and was, of course, immediately first picked and won the game. 

As we reported before, outside of that one game, he has been banned by red side in the first rotation every time. Never on blue side, and never has he made it through to the second ban phase. Essentially, it is impossible for a red side team to even get him. 

While it's unlikely we ever see a single Pantheon game, the one way it could happen is if a red side team purposefully leaves open multiple power picks, including the Pantheon, in order to trade him for two others, netting a two for one trade. Note: This is incredibly unlikely to happen! 


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