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In theory, the League of Legends World Championship tries to find the best team in the world. But as is usually the case in esports, it's not just the pride of teams that's on the line. Entire continents chant 'their' team's name in the quest for the Summoner's Cup. And for North America, Team Liquid is the favorite to take it home.

After the team fell short at Worlds 2018, the team brought in some raw force. Jensen came over from Cloud9 to improve the midlane, while Gen.G's CoreJJ formed a duo with DoubleLift in the botlane. The changes paid dividends. In 2019 Team Liquid secured both the Spring SplitĀ andĀ the Summer Split title. At the Mid-Season Invitational the roster came out swinging, upsetting reigning world champion IG in the semi finals.


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