League of Legends LCS Gauntlet Round 1 preview: Can FlyQuest win?

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Two LCS teams – Cloud9 and Team Liquid – have already punched their tickets for the World Championship in Europe next month. One more League of Legends team from NA will join them, but first they’ll have to make it through the Gauntlet run. Seeded based on championship points earned during the regular season, the two lowest-seeded teams face off tomorrow to start their climb to that final spot.

In this corner…

We have Clutch Gaming, maybe the most improbable team to make the Gauntlet considering they got no championship points out of the Spring Split. Finishing second-to-last in the standing during the spring (only a game ahead of the disappointing 100 Thieves), Clutch was always a team with more talent than the results bore out.


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