MikeYeung Had a Rough Return to the North American LCS

LoL twingalaxies

Just a week ago, MikeYeung made some headlines as he was traded from Team Liquid (where he played on the Academy roster) to Echo Fox in order to potentially jump-start the struggling last-place team in the LCS. 

Unfortunately, however, it has been a truly rough return to the spotlight for the jungler, seeing his new team drop both of their matches in desperate and lackluster fashion. Neither MikeYeung nor Echo Fox showed much hope for the franchise against Golden Guardians and an equally struggling FlyQuest. 

It was that latter game, playing a team that had (at the time) fewer wins than they did, yet FlyQuest made Echo Fox look like a completely different tier of a team. Sure, FlyQuest (on paper) is a far better team than where they sit on the standings, but for Echo Fox to hardly even show up is rough. 


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