League of Legends' Arcade Event Includes Two New Demacia Vice Skins

LoL comicbook

Riot Games revealed four new League of Legends skins not long ago that fall into the growing Arcade collection, one each for Yasuo, Kai’Sa, Caitlyn, and Qiyana, the latter being the game’s newest champion who’s coming out soon. Left out of that reveal and saved for today were two more skins for Garen and Lucian as well as the full details of the Arcade 2019: ULTRACOMBO event that’s starting soon. Players will be able to buy these skins like they normally could, and Arcade-themed missions will dish out event tokens that can be redeemed for more loot.

The two new skins were first revealed in the trailer above that showed an animated look at the four main Arcade skins. It wasn’t until the end though that we saw the cosmetics for Garen and Lucian that channel an ‘80s Miami Vice vibe. 


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