ES Sharks Moves on to Fight for the Last Slot in LCK Against Jin Air Green Wings

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On the 19th (KST), the Losers’ Match of the 2019 LCK Summer Split Promotions/Relegations took place. ES Sharks faced VSG for another chance to be promoted to the LCK in the double-elimination tournament. As it was the last chance for both teams, it was very close.


ES Sharks started with a good start by taking first blood. However, one mistake in mid lane balanced out the two teams. ES Sharks failed to kill Vladimir in a mid gank which VSG turned into a double kill. The game went on close until the 31 minute mark where VSG picked up an ace with Veritas’ Lucian’s impactful performance. In the following fight, VSG was able to initiate the fight more properly and proceed to the enemy Nexus. Game 1 went to VSG  ...

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