Riot bids farewell to Butcher’s Bridge | Patch 9.8 ARAM changes

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Goodbye, Butcher’s Bridge!

The changes are tied both to the Butcher’s Bridge map as well as the ARAM game mode in general. With the removal of Butcher’s Bridge, the Howling Abyss will be making a return to ARAM. Riot also noted the map is “gone until next time,” which hints at a possible return in the future.

Furthermore, Butcher’s Bridge brought in a few items that are now being removed with the map. Items such as Mariner’s Vengeance and Ghostwalkers will not be available for purchase on the Howling Abyss. Another feature being removed is the Backtrack summoner spell, which we recently talked about. It is unclear whether the spell will be making a comeback, should the map be reintroduced to the game.


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