Lucian and Urgot Standing Strong - Picks and Bans of the Four Major Leagues

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One of the reasons why League of Legends is fun is that there are many different champions to play; with Sylas’ recent addition, there are a total of 143 champions in League of Legends, each with their own unique combination of skills, stats, and playstyle.

However, not all of them have the chance to be picked in an official professional match. Riot patches the game periodically so that the game can stay exciting and balanced. Of course, the patches aren’t always perfect, and there are always champions that appear more often than others, especially in the pro scene.

In the 2019 Spring Split, there were some champions that were very strong and consistently banned; most of the other champions that were picked were also strong, but still manageable to play against. Meanwhile, champions like Garen or Teemo were never picked nr banned.


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