SKT Khan on Having Zero MVP Points: "League of Legends is a team game, so if there exists a carry

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How do you feel about your 2-0 victory today?

It was our final match before the Lunar New Year holiday, so I really wanted to win. Since we took a 2-0 victory, I think I can rest easy over the holiday.

In both games of the series, Clid pulled off a number of successful ganks that greatly helped SKT to snowball. How did you guys set up the ganks?

There are times when the laner creates ganking opportunities for his jungler. At other times, the jungler does. In that regard, we were able to make the most optimal decision today setting up the ganks.

HLE had a great start this split, so many expected today's match to be a close one. 

We told each other to 'minimize our mistakes' and 'correctly do our parts.' We also told each other to stay focused.


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