League of Legends pro Sneaky cosplays K/DA girls alongside girlfriend Esther Lynn

LoL dexerto

As well as being one of the most storied and popular players in North American League of LegendsSneaky has developed a reputation as a cosplayer. In particular, he’s known for his remarkably convincing cosplays of female game characters, typically League of Legends champions.

Some of his previous renditions include the “Pizza Party” version of Sivir, “Dark Elementalist” Lux, and a dual cosplay of the “lovers duo” – Xayah and Rakan – alongside Bae ‘Bang’ Jun-sik, with Sneaky portraying the former.

Sneaky’s latest look sees him taking on the K/DA version of Kai’Sa. K/DA are the fictional K-pop group made up of Kai’Sa, Ahri, Evelynn, and Akali, responsible for the “Pop/Stars” song that Riot debuted at the 2018 World Championship.


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