SKT Faker: "I’m aware that I’m known worldwide. That’s probably why I’m getting paid a lot.

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If someone asks, “Have you ever been so passionate about something that it would burn you down?” I wonder how many people can confidently say “Yes”. Not everyone needs or even wants to live so passionately, but we must admit that those people who do live passionately influence us to move forward. I do not know why; it might be just a human instinct. 

“I want to perform well for as long as I can. I want to know how I can be better at this game.”

Faker has a seemingly inexhaustible amount of passion within him; it’s just who he is. Maybe that’s why the way he talks and acts makes us move.

Born in 1996, he is still a young man. However, this year, he will be going into his 7th year as a pro player. In the LCK, there is no mid laner that is older than Faker. 


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