[Interview] PraY on His Much Needed Break - The Uncertainty of His Return

LoL Invenglobal

It wasn’t an easy decision, but PraY admitted that “It feels nice to live like a decent human being now.” He had many thoughts crowding his mind, yet couldn’t easily speak of them out loud to anyone. He was afraid of having his true feelings told to his colleagues, family, and fans. However, he said that it was very hard for him to keep his turmoil to himself this year; that is why he, for the first time, told his parents about his true feelings. He was afraid that the end was close as he held back his tears alone.

What hurt him so much? He is one of the best League of Legends player, after all. Perhaps PraY felt he’d reached his limit after all this time? To be frank, I thought that it would be hard to get honest answers to any of the questions at first; he was known as a player who doesn’t open his heart that easily. 


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