GGS Olleh: "2018 was so hard for me. I was criticized even when I won, and it was even worse when

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There were many roster moves within the league as well; one of the people who went through the biggest change during this offseason would be Kim “Olleh” Joo-sung. He left Team Liquid who won both NA LCS titles in 2018 and joined Golden Guardians who finished 10th in both those splits.

Although Olleh might not have expected the sudden change, he was still bright and energetic. Moving to a team that has no one that speaks his mother language, he seemed excited to speak Korean and talk about his thoughts.

While most of the Korean players in the LCS went back to Korea during the holidays, Olleh stayed in the US, grinding many, many hours into solo queue. He provided some spare time to talk to me about the changes during the offseason.

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