Riot Games Announces the Schedule for the 2019 LCK Spring

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On the 27th of December (KST), Riot Games has officially announced the schedule for the upcoming 2019 LCK Spring Split. 

According to Riot, the 2019 LCK Spring Regular Split will kick off on January 16th and end on March 31st. With the playoffs scheduled on April 3 -10, this LCK Spring will be a total 12 weeks of non-stop action for LoL fans. 

Next year, pro teams and players will be a bit more free from the harsh schedule that was quite an issue in the Korean LoL scene last split. For Round 1 of Spring 2019, teams will compete in a total of 5 games a week which go from Wednesday to Sunday, and in Round 2, a total of 4 games a week will be held, going from Thursday to Sunday. The starting time for each game will be the same; series 1 kicks off at 5 PM and series 2 at 8 PM. 


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