Selfie: "We were losing almost every scrim before [Shook joined]."

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Before Week 5, H2k-Gaming were in deep trouble. At 1-7 in the EU LCS, it was unlikely that the team was going to come close to contesting playoffs, but recent changes might just salvage their run in the last minute.

Last Friday, we spoke to Marcin "SELFIE" Wolski on how Ilyas "Shook" Hartsema improved the team, how they're dealing with all the internal roster changes and what illusions is Patch 8.4 creating.

* * *

Right off the bat, there is a certain irony almost in Caedrel originally replacing you on Schalke and you now coming in replacing him on H2K. Do you guys work well enough together?
Yeah, we didn't really replace each other.


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