C9 Jensen: "A lot of the times, Cloud9 has had a good start in the LCS. However, we never ended up

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Off to a great start in the NA LCS spring split, Cloud9 has secured 2nd place in the standings.

Creating a new roster with the top and jungle, Cloud9, as claimed by Jack (owner of C9), had fans that doubted the roster changes. However through the past 5 weeks, Cloud9 has proven yet again why they are such a long lasting and veteran team in the NA region. Out of all the players in Cloud9, Jensen has blown everyone out of the water with his consistent and solid performance.

Jensen has been apart of C9 for quite awhile now with a lot he wants to say. After the game against TSM, Inven Global got to interview C9’s mid laner, Jensen. Let’s see what Jensen has to say about memes, Cloud9’s future, and Rush.


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