MENA’s leading LoL Championship returns: ASL Season 2

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In the years, we’ve seen the seasonal comeback of North America, Europe, South Korea onto the competitive stage. Today however, an up-and-coming region arises in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) inaugurating the follow-up season of the All Stars League.

The League of Legends ASL, Season 2 is MENA’s premier avenue for competitive play, adjoining over hundreds of team hopefuls to claim the region’s largest tournament title alongside a hefty, $4000 prize pool and hardware sponsored by AMD.

Photo: Gamers Lounge.

All about the ASL

The ASL bracket employs a round robin format done in best-of-three matches with eight teams from Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and the United Arab Emirates.

The ASL features a hybrid tournament structure wherein half of the participating teams were given direct invites and the remaining have had to qualify through a qualification stage.

Direct Invites

  • Anubis Gaming
  • GeekerZ’
  • Nasr eSports A
  • Team Hex


  • Black Lotus
  • Frost Guards
  • Nasr eSports B
  • Nexus Siege

Held from February 9-12, the qualifying stage thinned down the registered teams by elimination over the course of four rounds. The tournament proper however, will start on the 18th of February 6:00 PM (+2 GMT) and will continue until March 12, 2018. The ASL will feature seven rounds of four, best-of-three matches weekly over the course of the tournament run. At the end of the season, the team leading the standings will take home the championship title of the League of Legends - ASL, Season 2.

Egyptian Origins

The ASL is run by Gamers Lounge, the leading esports initiative in Egypt who have organized tournaments and hosted events centered on the growth of the scene since its inception in 2014.

Throughout the years, the League of Legends scene within MENA has blossomed and is continuing to gain traction evident through its wide-ranging audience and expanding number of partnerships such as AMD, Dell, XPG, and Noor (local ISP).

Starting from humble beginnings, Gamers Lounge’s debut tournament featured 32 teams from the get-go. After witnessing the community’s extensive support however, Gamers Lounge decided to take it up a notch and established the All Stars League with the vision of expanding the legitimacy and competitiveness of the Middle East and North Africa.

Fast forward to the present day, the region now moves forward in its development as a competitive region worldwide. Detailing the struggles and victories the region has undergone, Gamers Lounge’s Co-Founder and Head of Community, Hashem Alborno, expressed his take on the region’s growing esports scene:

“The past few years have been huge for esports in MENA. Now, teams are coming together and players are trying to take the scene professionally as work. We have tons of potential pro players lacking resources and they just need to be seen!”

In its follow up season, the ASL hopes to further the esports setting by taking the competition to the next level. Support the MENA region and catch all the action of the All Stars League, Season 2 on Twitch!

Stay updated on the ASL’s twists and turns on their social media channels: ASL standings, Facebook, Twitter.

Images courtesy of Gamers Lounge.


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