bbq IgNar: "I didn't really like the food back in Europe... I still prefer foreign teams"

LoL Invenglobal

The following is an interview done by invenglobal with bbq Oliver's support player, IgNar.

How do you feel?

It was my first series after my return from Europe... and I was able to play Alistar, so I feel great. In the past, during my debut game, I received a lot of attention from fans because of that champion, and that is why I personally like him. Alistar, Blitzcrank, and Thresh, these are champions that I truly love. 

Also, I really enjoyed playing in the 'Ardent Censer' meta. During it, I was able to kill the enemy support whenever I was able to pull off a successful hook. I'm very confident when I play supports with hooks, and that is why I really liked that meta.


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