[Interview] SKT Wolf : "If Bengi hadn’t come to our team, I wouldn’t have played jungle."

LoL Invenglobal

Below is the interview by invenglobal of the bottom duo who played as ADC and jungle for the match.

Q. It’s your first match, first win in the spring split. How do you feel?

Bang: Our performance wasn’t as good as what we prepared. We made many mistakes but luckily, we won our first match. Effort is a rookie and Wolf is a rookie in jungle. Today’s win means a lot to us.

Q. Wolf, you’re a supporter, what made you play jungle?

Wolf: My team said my jungle was good. Coach kk0ma asked me if I wanted to try jungle in a scrim, and I tried a few times. The results weren’t bad so I continued to practice. It’s not that I’m bad at support; now I'm confident in both positions.


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