Schalke 04 Upset: “I want to be able to go toe to toe with Rekkles and make my mark in the EU LCS.”

LoL The Shotcaller

Below is The Shotcaller's interview with Schalke 04's AD Carry Elias 'Upset' Lipp.


Hi Upset, thank you very much for your time. Before we talk about the future and the upcoming EU LCS Split, I wanted to ask about the past: You and Schalke 04 were able to do an unbeaten run in the Challenger Series Spring Split, only to be eliminated by Misfits Academy in Playoffs.

In Summer Split, Schalke 04 still managed to go 8-2 and reach the promotion matches, where you eventually 3-0ed Ninjas in Pyjamas. What did you learn over the past year, both from negative and positive experiences?

I’m happy about the way things worked out in Spring Split because I learned so much from them.


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