No hand, no problem: Cougars top laner MistyStumpey thrives despite disability


At 18, Alexander is one of North America's best League of Legends players. At his peak, "MistyStumpey" (as he's known in League) was No. 12 on the game's solo queue ladder. And the top laner did it with just his right hand and a lone digit on his left.

When MistyStumpey rolled his chair back to talk strategy with Columbia's coach, he grabbed his "stump," as he calls it, just as it comes into frame of the livestream camera. He often fiddles with the one finger on the end of his left arm, which ends in a partial hand where the elbow would normally be. He can move the finger, but not fully. It's mostly cartilage, so it doesn't bend at the joints. He can use it to press keys, but he has to move his wrist to get from one button to another.


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