Sources: Bengi to Return to SKT T1 as a Coach

LoL Invenglobal

According to multiple other players, Bengi will return to SKT T1 as a coach for the upcoming season. Although he is inexperienced as a coach, he is both familiar and well-aware of the SKT players, as he had played for the team in the past alongside Faker and the others.

As a jungler, Bengi first joined the scene in 2013 through a team called BBT. Afterward, he joined the very team that he is currently set to return to, SK Telecom T1. And on the very first year in which he had started playing professionally, he had won the most prestigious tournament in the entire scene. Before leaving the organization for 'Vici Gaming' in 2016, Bengi had decorated himself with multiple trophies, including 3 World Championship titles.


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