SKT T1 Huni: "While laning against Letme, I realized he wasn’t a strong laner."

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In the 5 games against SKT T1 and RNG, the most worrisome player was Huni. It was not a question of his skill. It was a matter of what he needed to do every game and the skill level of RNG.


Huni played aggressive style champions for all 5 games. Gangplank, Gnar, and Camille. Although the champions he played did fit his playstyle, he lacked his defensive/passive aspect. However we cannot deny that through his split pushing and teleport plays, Huni provided a vital aspect and advantage to his team. As if he was a double edge sword, Huni can hurt and/or excell his team.


The more important the match the more nervous it would have been for Huni. A set of games that put more emphasis on each death. After the game, Huni was interviewed. Let’s see what he has to say!


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