kkOma on MSF: "Just from seeing the games today, it's pretty obvious that they are very talented"

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People expected SKT to easily advance to the semifinals when the matchups for quarters were announced. And the prediction was reasonable, especially when considering the differences between SKT and MSF. On one side, we have the former world champions, SKT T1, a team that has won many international events. On the other side, we have MSF, a team that rose quickly from the EU LCS and is much lesser known. MSF is by no means a bad team... but they undoubtedly lacked the international experience. 

In the beginning, it looked as if the weak underdogs challenged the unbeatable. But the results that followed the series spoke otherwise. What felt like an impossible challenge, came to be a close fight between two adversaries equal in strength. MSF was strong, sharp, and fearless.



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