Worlds: SKT and C9 claim the last quarter-final spots

LoL Michael “Zechs_” Radford

Another day, another come back for SKT. After another hectic day of matches, Cloud 9 squeaked past EDG to take second place behind the world champions.

The final day of group stage with arguably the biggest upset of the tournament.               AHQ took an early lead over SKT with Westdoor on Fizz being able to feed on the scraps of early game skirmishes. The Taiwanese team picked up kill after kill, and took a decisive lead after a 28 minute team fight granted them a free baron. For once, there was no miracle team fight for the Koreans and AHQ handed them their first loss of the tournament.

EDG did there bit to keep the group open by beating Cloud 9 in worrying easy fashion. The Chinese team went 22-6, with iBoy’s Caitlyn dominating at 8/1/9 and looked strong going into their game against AHQ. Indeed, that game was even more one-sided. IBoy went off again, this time on Twitch, going 8/0/1 as his team ended the game in under 25 minutes while conceding only a single death.

SKT followed up with yet another victory, this time over Cloud 9. The North American team made their opponents work for the victory, but never really threatened to win. That made the next game for Cloud 9 and AHQ fairly simple: win or go home. Both teams played like you might expect in the opening stages, but a misstep from Impact gifted AHQ first blood.  C9 answered back with a mid lane gank and took the lead with first tower gold thanks to a pushing Caitlyn. Like WE yesterday, C9 rotated Caitlyn around the map to clear out the outer towers and AHQ had no answer. Westdoor’s Fizz offered no wave clear and was unable to pick anyone off, leading to a downed inhibitor just 20 minutes in. Like so many of his ults, AHQ sunk without a trace.

EDG was left needing to win against SKT to force a tie-breaker with C9. After coming painfully close last week, a win was definitely possible. The Chinese team started well again with first blood, followed by first tower at just six minutes in. EDG dominated the early game, going 3-0 in kills and towers for a 3.5k lead. A 24 minute baron cemented their advantage but, mirroring their game from last week, SKT pounced, picking up a team fight ace in time to get second baron. When the dust settled, the teams were neck and neck but SKT struck again. Bang’s Twitch opened up the game-ending team fight, handing Cloud 9 their top eight spot.

Michael “Zechs_” Radford
<p>Michael &quot;Zechs&quot; Radford is an esports veteran and has been writing about professional gaming for longer than he cares to remember. He currently lives in Leeds and is hoping his upcoming offspring will be talented enough to play esports professionally rather than just write about other people doing it.</p>


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