LCK: Samsung crushes SKT

LoL Michael “Zechs_” Radford

The second Telecom War of the season ended with a dominant victory for Samung Galaxy.

Samsung Galaxy struck the first blow against SK Telecom in game one, but with first blood being instantly traded back the game was as even as you would expect. Blank’s Reksai was able to solo a Mountain Drake but Samsung opened up a small gold lead in the early game. A second kill for SKT - Faker’s Kassadin - evened up the gold but the game remained very close. Even the first Taliyah ult resulted in nothing but summoners being blown. But soon afterwards, SKT sent members to the bottom lane and grabbed another kill for Faker as well as two towers for the price of one. Still, the lead for SKT was less than a thousand gold and Samsung took the second Drake. The first sizeable lead opened up after Samsung took two kills and started the Baron, but a steal by Blank actually gave SKT a 1.5k lead, despite losing a whole bunch of kills.

Again, Samsung won a team fight as the Baron spawned but this time they didn’t risk starting it right away. They used it to bait out another fight, which ended with blinking health bars on Samsung’s side but empty ones for SKT and a Baron buff for Samsung. A tower lead kept SKT equal on gold for a while but Samsung were able to bowl over tower after tower with the buff. SKT opted to fight over their inhib tower, but Core JJ and Ambition were just too tanky. Samsung opened up a 4k lead but were unable to end the game thanks to some scrappy defence. A third baron went Samsung’s way and they continued to be an immovable object in the team fight. Only Bang survived for SKT and he was unable to prevent a first game loss.

Bang’s Kalista was the beneficiary of game two’s opening kill and this time there was no trade kill. Another gank from Blank’s Lee Sin ended in a delayed one-for-one trade and a 700 gold lead approaching 10 minutes. That lead was flipped soon afterwards, as Samsung took a kill on Huni’s Fiora and followed it up with first tower gold. A skirmish in the bottom lane moments later resulted in four kills for one over the course of about two minutes and suddenly Samsung were up 3.5k gold. Crown and co were bossing the game, up four turrets to zero, nothing was going SKT’s way and this was exemplified by Cuvee’s sub-100hp escape into a cheeky kill on Blank.

A 4-0 slaughter in the first full team fight led to a free Baron for Samsung and a huge gold lead. The game was over in 25 minutes, without SKT picking up a single tower. Samsung remains top of the table with this game opening up a gap between them and SKT.

Michael “Zechs_” Radford

Michael "Zechs" Radford is an esports veteran and has been writing about professional gaming for longer than he cares to remember. He currently lives in Leeds and is hoping his upcoming offspring will be talented enough to play esports professionally rather than just write about other people doing it.


  • Buzincu "v1rtuaL.Friend" Razvan ,
    Man stop calling SSG vs SKT the telekom wars,the telekom wars is between KT and SKT the two telecomunications companys from south korea,and it started since the starcraft brood war days.


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